• We love being out there, cycling magnificent landscapes.

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  • The entire team is based in the Langeberg Valley; this is where we live, work and ride. We know the backroads of the Langeberg region and look forward to exploring them with you!

Meet Our Team

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    Keith Heydenrych

    — Founder and Team Leader
    • Completed 4 Trans-Baviaans events
    • Completed 3 Zuurberg Corporate Challenge races
    • Former Comrades silver medalist
    • Accredited Tour Guide

    Keith Heydenrych, the founder of Montagu MTB Tours is a retired Project Engineer and pilot, now a fulltime passionate mountain biker.
    Keith enjoys sharing the mountain biking experience with fellow riders and introducing new riders to the joys of mountain biking. When you need a push he’ll be the one motivating you along the way.

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    Petrus Jansen

    — Creative Director and Webmaster
    • Completed Montagu Mania numerous times
    • Completed Argus numerous times
    • Anticipating Trans-Baviaans

    Petrus Jansen is an entrepreneur, farmer, artist and adventure seeker. He is passionate about tourism and a proud Montagu villager. Petrus is not your typical sportsman. What gets him on this mountain bike is the sense of adventure only a MTB saddle can provide. For him there is nothing like fresh countryside air filling his lungs and the beautiful landscapes playing with his imagination.